• Lionell ‘TJ’ Tillman

    I am not an attorney. I do not give Legal Advice. I am a God-fearing husband and father. I enjoy live venues and vacationing with family. I received my diploma at Compton High School, and was a Marketing Consultant at Universal Music Group.

  • My Experience

    In 2016, I represented myself in a two-year hearing against Child Support and the County of Los Angeles. On June 15, 2018, my case was dismissed for Extrinsic Fraud, and the alleged $60,000 debt in arrears was set aside.

  • About The Book

    In this book, I am giving you the step-by-step blueprint on How I Stopped Child Support Legally without an education in law. You'll learn how to get started, the affidavits I filed, mistakes I made and how I recovered, procedures and laws violated, what made it fraudulent, and how I proved it in court.

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